Discover our full range of high-quality speakers and create a sound system to deliver an outstanding audio experience for any room or event.

XY Series

A versatile PA/monitor speaker series that is compact in size and perfect for near-field monitoring – yet can deliver high-quality sound to the corners of the room. Boasts multiple installment options for easy set up.

GS-Wave Series

A 3-meter high dancefloor stack with wide dispersion and a high SPL across a broad frequency range; delivers a deep, warm sound that combines a punchy chest kick with crystal-clear high frequencies.

XPRS Series

Get the audience going with the XPRS Series of high-powered active speakers. The compact, portable, wooden enclosure XPRS Series combines Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering heritage with the reliable, energy efficient power of Powersoft amps – to give you a versatile plug-and-play system that fills the room with a natural sound.


Our commercial speakers lineup draw on Pioneer Pro Audio’s heritage of making dynamic club speakers and enable the brand to provide turnkey sound systems that can save space, complement interior design, and deliver outstanding sound quality in any venue, no matter its layout.


The Powersoft K-series and M-series amplifiers optimise the performance of the Pioneer club speaker system, with pre-set data and networked DSP. The compact amps combine industry-leading energy efficiency with high power output for maximum performance.