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Bar and restaurant Antwerp - Belgium
Visionary chef Sergio Herman once again teams up with Pioneer Pro Audio

Dining at a restaurant owned by visionary Dutch chef Sergio Herman is about so much more than food. Every single detail – from the décor to the ambiance – is carefully planned and crafted to create a unique dining experience, and music has always been one of the key ingredients.


When Herman set out to open Le Pristine, a café and restaurant in central Antwerp, he wanted to create a “New Italian” style which combined the terroir of his native Zeeland in the Netherlands with an ode to Italy’s cuisine, flair, class, purity and beauty. And when it came to assembling a sound system, the mission was also clear, says Le Pristine’s Manager, Willem Van Den Broeck: “We wanted to experience one sound and one volume level throughout Le Pristine, without a drop in power or quality anywhere in the space.”

Sergio Herman is internationally renowned for reinventing himself, his menus and his restaurants. However, when it came to selecting an audio partner for Le Pristine, he and his team knew that the best choice was to stick with a successful recipe. “We’ve already established a very successful relationship with the Pioneer Pro Audio brand in other restaurants of the Sergio Herman Group, like Blueness and AIRrepublic,” explains Van Den Broeck, adding, “We knew what we could expect, so we relied on their expertise.”


Having worked with Pioneer Pro Audio gear on many occasions, Erwin Nuyts, Co-Owner of local installation company Discostore was drafted in to build the system at Le Pristine. To prevent sound pollution from disturbing residents in the apartments above, he and his team took extra care to treat the expansive ceiling with felt. This enabled him to hang 14 XY-81 8-inch two-way full-range loudspeakers from the ceiling with perfectly equal spacing throughout the 60-meter-long area of the café, restaurant and cocktail bar. “We used the same speakers all over the place and we chose them for their power to evenly fill the space with warm notes of music,” explains Nuyts.  CM series speakers were ideal to carry the high-quality sound consistently and smoothly through the kitchen and bathrooms. Fitted into the ceilings, their discreet design maximizes the available space and blends seamlessly into the elegant décor.

While testing the new system, the teams from Le Pristine and Discostore both felt that something extra was needed to find the right mood of sound. So, two extra subwoofers were added for a total of three XY-115S 15-inch bass reflex units to create the fullness they were searching for, and the resulting sound is described by Nuyts as, “pleasantly warm, fat and full – exactly what we were looking for.”


On working with Pioneer Pro audio on this latest project, Le Pristine’s Van Den Broeck says: “We have a very satisfying professional relationship and we cherish this because we can rely on their punctuality and professionalism at any time. Trust and great service are key in our opinion.” And according to him, the Sergio Herman Group is keen to see how the brands can collaborate again soon. “We’re curious about the way Pioneer Pro Audio is looking at the future and what kind of new products we can expect as a result.”

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Visionary chef Sergio Herman once again teams up with Pioneer Pro Audio
Bar and restaurant Antwerp - Belgium
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