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Bar and restaurant Amsterdam - Netherlands
When three city eateries needed smooth audio to cover various spaces, the CM Series surface mount speakers rose to the challenge

The Dutch capital Amsterdam is globally renowned as a cultural hotspot offering legendary nightlife. With every restaurant and bar working hard to create its own atmosphere, music is almost always a central part of the vibe. Amsterdam-based installation company 24/7 Audio recently assembled sound systems in three eateries across the city and, while each venue had its own different style and space, the installers found that the Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM commercial surface mount loudspeakers were perfect for every job.

The installations took place at De Biertuin, a stylish bar/restaurant with a beer garden; Helling 7, a converted former shipyard canteen on the Amsterdam Marina; and Lavash, which offers a Mediterranean experience combining traditional and modern cuisine. Although the settings and spaces to be covered by the new systems varied significantly, the brief for each location demanded smooth, consistent audio that would be clear and present in every area without overpowering diners’ conversations.

Using knowledge gained from more than 15 years of installing professional and commercial audio products and designing bespoke systems for their clients, the 24/7 Audio team chose to use Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM-S54T 4-inch surface mount speakers for all three projects. “The CM Series speakers achieve a very good spread of sound with a wide listening angle at a very competitive price. The relationship between quality and cost is excellent,” says Mike Ho, director of 24/7 Audio, who adds: “There are multiple zones in each location that need independent amplification. The CM range offers this perfectly in combination with the Powersoft M50 amplifiers we used.”

At Lavash, eight speakers were installed, while at De Biertuin, 18 units completed the system. At Helling 7, a total of 14 speakers were placed into a covered outdoor location. The CM-S54T units were ideal for this because they’re IP54 rated and can be used in certain outdoor settings where they’re not subjected to excessive amounts of rain or moisture. “They’re easy to install thanks to their mounting brackets which allow them to be used on a variety of surfaces. The locking hinges make the job easy for a single technician,” explains Ho. Thanks to their matt, paintable finish, it was easy to make the speakers blend into the design of each venue, he says. “A contact of ours painted the speakers at one of the locations in the colour requested by the client. I think this job turned out perfectly as the speakers where easy to install and have a good sound.”

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Bar and restaurant Amsterdam - Netherlands
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