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When a new sound system was needed to create an outstanding audio experience, the owners of GUMA turned to the brand they knew they could trust

Zadar is Croatia’s oldest continuously inhabited city, but the local way of life is far from antiquated. Among the Roman ruins and medieval churches, you’ll find hip shops, cafés and nightspots at the forefront of a buzzing, progressive culture.


In the heart of the historic city, GUMA blends the best of both worlds. Open from mid-morning until late at night, this 300-capacity venue has offered traditional hospitality and a lively atmosphere since it opened in 2018. Having revitalised an old cinema with vibrant interior design, it’s become the ideal place to relax and eat or hang out with friends during the day, then hit the dancefloor in the evening.


“We want GUMA to be the ‘living room’ for people in Zadar,” explains Frane Skoblar, GUMA’s Marketing Manager. “It’s somewhere they can spend quality time listening to music, talking with friends and enjoying their favourite drinks.”

With a variety of seating set-ups that can be changed at any time, GUMA is a flexible space that transforms from a lounge bar to a nightclub every day, and often hosts creative presentations and photographic exhibitions in between. With the aim of contributing to Zadar’s cultural scene, the venue prides itself on welcoming a crowd based on worldview rather than age, and the music policy reflects that; local and national DJs play tracks in numerous genres from the last three decades. But, in late 2019, the team at GUMA knew they needed to upgrade their sound system. Skoblar explains: “To make the ultimate experience for guests, all aspects of our service need to be exceptional. Back then, we were falling behind in terms of sound quality. We needed to change that.”

Because GUMA is located in Zadar’s historic centre, it was crucial that the new system would not only provide clear and powerful audio, but also do it without causing noise pollution for the neighbours in the apartments nearby. Having worked with Pioneer DJ and Pioneer Pro Audio products for other projects in the past, the GUMA team were more than happy with the recommendations of Darko Deak and Mario Erceg, Owner and Technician respectively of rental and installation company, Amadeus II. “When clients want serious equipment, Pioneer Pro Audio is my choice. I don’t work with other brands in that price range,” Deak explains. “The sound quality is great and so is the build quality.”


Deak assembled a system comprising XY Series speakers to give GUMA the flexibility and focussed audio the venue needs. “The XY speakers have a natural character so you can play different styles of music and they will all sound great,” he says. “And because the speakers are so easy to work with, we were able to direct the sound into the right areas and stop it from escaping the building.”

What did the GUMA team think of the system? “We were surprised by the improvement in sound quality compared with the previous set-up,” says Skoblar. “Most importantly, our DJs and our guests really noticed the difference. Their feedback is precious to us and we’ve received a lot of positive comments and online reviews.”


“The sound and build quality are fantastic and the value is incredible. You just can’t get the same balance from other brands.”
Frane Skoblar, Marketing Manager, GUMA.

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When a new sound system was needed to create an outstanding audio experience, the owners of GUMA turned to the brand they knew they could trust
Club Zadar - Croatia
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